Organization building

Organization building

Fishing is the company's leading pillar industry, has all kinds of professional ship 78 ocean, fishing grounds in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Atlantic ocean, divided into the squid fishing fleet, golden gun fishing fleet, trawling fleet, light Seine fleet, transport fleet, across continents, multinational, across the seas, offshore operation cycle is long, large liquidity. The company directly engaged in fishery production of more than 2000 workers, including more than 150 party members. In order to strengthen the construction of maritime party organization, the Party Committee of the company is guided by the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress, highlighting the core idea that the Party is the highest leading force in all work. From practice, it has explored the party organization setting mode of "the branch is built in the fleet, the group is set in the opposite ship, and the party members are assigned to the single ship". Select outstanding Party members with high political consciousness, hard thinking and style, and rich experience in maritime production as Party secretaries and captains, and bring all Party members engaged in maritime operations into the management of the Party organization.

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