Deep processing

Deep processing

The deep processing of aquatic products of the company started in the early 1980s. It currently has 8 professional processing enterprises and 350,000 tons of international standard low-temperature cold storage. It is mainly engaged in squid, tuna, bonito, cod, fish meal, dried seafood and algae series. The deep processing, warehousing, and logistics of products have obtained HACCP, CS and EU, US, and Russian quality management system certifications. It is the deep processing and cold chain logistics base for deep-sea fishery products in Shandong Province and the secretary-general of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Marine Food Industry Alliance unit.

The company has extensively carried out industry-university-research cooperation with many well-known domestic scientific research institutes, and has successively developed more than 120 products in 5 series of frozen food, preserved food, light-dried food, canned food, and cooking food. While meeting the domestic market, they are exported to the European Union. And Southeast Asian countries and regions.

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