Industrial Development

Industrial Development


Deep-sea fishing: Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are 3 enterprises qualified for deep-sea fishing, 78 types of deep-sea fishing vessels, deep-sea fishing bases in Indonesia, offices in Fiji, Argentina, and cold chain bases in Peru and East Malaysia. The types of vessels are squid fishing, golden spear fishing, trawling, light purse Seine and ocean transportation. The fishing scale, output and benefit index all rank first in shandong province.

Fishing port trade: It mainly builds aquatic products special wharf, Beihai rescue wharf, Zhejiang University Marine Biotechnology Industrial Park, bulk aquatic products trading center, and materials bonded warehouse, becoming a national 5A and 5-star cold chain logistics enterprise.

Deep processing: with 350,000 tons of international standard cryogenic storage, it is mainly engaged in the deep processing, storage and logistics of squid, tuna, bonito, cod, fish meal, dried seafood and algae shellfish series products. It is a whole series of export aquatic food processing enterprises.

Ship repair: Certified by China Classification Society CCS quality management system, equipped with first-class construction and design qualification, the Outfitting wharf was approved by The State Council as a national open port in 2014, and is the r&d and manufacturing base of shandong province's ocean-going fishing boats.

Mariculture: it has a breeding area of 100,000 mu, and breeds and processes kelp, oyster, sea cucumber, cratula, mussel and scallop. It is a ministerial healthy breeding demonstration field.

Coastal tourism: focus on building sushan Island national Marine pasture, Cha Mountain culture and recreation Center, Jingwan Ecological leisure tourism area and Jinghai fishing port town, as the national recreational fishery demonstration base.


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