Maritime Party Building

Principles of Maritime Party Building Work

Innovative organization construction: highlighting the core idea that the party is the supreme leadership force for all work, and exploring from practice the party organization setting model of "branch in fleet, team in opposing ship, and party members allocated to single ship", to screen politics Outstanding party members with high consciousness, hard thinking, and rich experience in offshore production serve as branch secretaries and captains, and all offshore party members are included in the management of the party organization.

Diversification of publicity and education: The company’s party committee communicates important matters within the party, the country, and the company to the maritime branch in a timely manner through satellite phone, fax, email, WeChat, etc., and the branch communicates to every party member.

Standardization of meeting study: Every time the fishing boat returns, the company’s party committee must organize a life meeting for all party members, report the policies of the superior party committee, listen to the work report of the party branch, check study notes, meeting minutes, and exchange experience. Fill out the learning materials such as audio-visual discs, party textbooks, party newspapers and higher-level documents to the branch in a timely manner, and distribute them directly to each party member. Each person makes a written report to the party group once a week, and the party group makes a written report to the branch every half month , The branch makes a written report to the company’s party committee once a month.

Systematization of contact with the masses: Establish a system for party members to contact crew members. Each party member will contact more than 10 ordinary crew members in pairs, and guide the crew members in terms of ideology, care in life, and help in work, creating a stronger than learning to catch up and help. Atmosphere.

"Four Forces" of Maritime Party Members

Execution: heavy responsibility and responsibility. Whenever the party organization decides on the matter, we should put it into practice and implement it immediately. We always adhere to the "four things": there is a spiritual realm of dedication and selfless dedication, a diligent and meticulous work attitude, and there is a way to do it well. The work standard of striving for perfection, there is a kind of working strength of stepping on the stone to leave a mark and grasping the iron to leave marks. The company’s Atlantic Trawl Fleet Party Group was established in June 2013, and the branch required an average output of 1,000 tons per vessel before the end of the year. The Atlantic single-trailer project was the first offshore fishing project implemented by the company at that time. There are many unknowns in the production. However, all party members do not compromise on their tasks. With a spirit of daring to work hard and never admit defeat, it effectively overcomes the unfamiliar and unfamiliar fishing grounds. Factors such as resource instability have overfulfilled the task.

Combat effectiveness: innovation and performance. Give full play to the role of party members as pioneers and fighting fortresses, roll up their sleeves and work hard, throw off their arms and work hard, pioneer and innovate, forge ahead, and always adhere to the "four ones": that is, the officer grasps one achievement, the work grasps the effect, and the image grasps the other Honest, a positive behavior. In 2017, the squid resources of the Atlantic Argentina fishing grounds were relatively good. The Atlantic Party branch took no opportunity to make the decision to quadruple the output and benefits of each operating vessel compared to the previous year. The majority of maritime party members responded actively and led all crews to innovate fishing methods and increase productivity. , Overcome difficulties, fight day and night, and successfully completed the task before the end of the peak season.

Cohesion: Leading and prestigious. Hugging each other tightly like pomegranate seeds, grasping one level at a time, leading one level at a level, thinking in one heart, working hard in one place, saying things in one place, doing things in one place, always insisting on the "fourth". "Leading": that is, leading by thought, led by talents, led by culture, and led by model. Fishing at sea is a high-risk industry, and the operation is dangerous. In the work of cutting and discharging risks in the sea, party members and comrades have always been fighting at the forefront, establishing prestige with practical actions and actual results, leading all crews to promote positive energy and form a strong cohesive force. Centripetal force.

Influence: set an example and drive. Take the lead, teach by precepts and deeds, rush to do the dirty work, the party members who take the lead in going to sea, and the party members who do not go home on several voyages. When the life and property safety of the collective and the employees are threatened, they are the party members who have always stood up. "Four in the front": that is, learning theory is in the first place, based on the position and working in the front, danger and danger are in the front, pioneering entrepreneurship is the first. When working at sea, whenever there is a mechanical failure or a crew falling into the water, the first person to be rescued from oil pollution and the first to jump into the sea to rescue people is always the party member. The pioneer and exemplary role of party members at sea has driven a crew of people. Affected the crew of a boat and created a good atmosphere for ordinary crew members to learn from, compare to, and respect party members.

"Three Priorities and Two Training" for Maritime Party Members


1. Recruitment of party members is preferred. The company needs to recruit a large number of crew members every year to enrich its production, give priority to party members and crew members, and relax relevant conditions such as age, hometown, and education.

2. Party members in important positions are given priority. The company has an iron rule in hiring people, that is, whether it is party members or not, party members should be reused. The proportion of party members in re-used positions such as captain, cart, chief mate, and fishing chief has reached 100%.

3. Priority is given to promotion and promotion of party members. At present, the managers, captains and captains of the group's 3 ocean-going companies, 16 ocean-going fleets, and 78 ocean-going professional fishing vessels are all held by party members, and party members in the cadre team account for 100%.

Fourth, train professional experts and management backbones to become party members. For the business experts and management backbones that emerged in production, the party group and branch will give priority to training, and report to the party committee for approval to develop into the party first, and train more than 6 party members at sea each year.

Fifth, train party members into professional experts and management backbones. In view of the shortcomings in the part of the offshore production of party members, the party group and branch conducted key training for them to forge a team of party members and crews that are not only politically sound but also professionally sound.


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