Pioneer role model

Pioneer role model

More than 90% of the company’s party members working at sea are the captains. They are both the political vanguard and the main force in the economy. At the beginning of each year, each branch formulates an annual target responsibility letter for party members, including production tasks, organizational construction, party style and discipline, and mass work. At the end of the year, democratic evaluations are conducted at the party member conference. At the same time, a party member contacting crew system is established. Each party member contacts more than 10 ordinary crew members in pairs to guide the crew in ideology, care in life, and help in work, creating a strong atmosphere that is more than learning to catch up and help. The company prioritizes the development of the outstanding crew members emerging from production to join the party through organizational training and inspection. Every year, hundreds of crew members submit applications for party membership, which fully reflects the centripetal force and cohesion of the party organization. In daily work, party members and comrades set an example, rushing to do the dirty work, the party members who took the lead in going out to sea, and the party members who did not go home on several voyages. When the collective and employees’ lives and property safety are threatened, the ones who stand up are still Party member. The majority of maritime party members have played their role as pioneers and fortresses, rolling up their sleeves and working hard. Regardless of the number of days of fishing boats, output and efficiency, they are among the best in the industry in the province.

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