Coastal tourism

Coastal tourism

Company seaside tourism in nine top if iron mountain, Su Shan island, the ancient city of phoenix tail, jing triton as the core, focus on creating Su Shan islands national Marine ranch, if mountain tour health care facilities, ecological leisure tourist area and jing hai jing bay fishing port town, is a national oceanic ranch demonstration area, the leisure fishery demonstration base, provincial comprehensive leisure sea fishing, fishing Shandong Peninsula is a large-scale coastal leisure tourism resort.

Jinghai Fishing port Town was listed as one of the first featured towns by the provincial government in 2017, with a planned total investment of 3 billion yuan. It covers an area of 5 square kilometers and 200,000 mu of sea area. The construction range reaches Jiudingtiecha Mountain in the east, Fenghuang Wei in the west, Sushan Island in the south and Zhangjiabu Port in the north, with both land and sea and distinctive features. We will focus on the beautiful natural landscapes of mountains, seas, islands, reefs and bays, as well as the culture of "fishing" and "health". We will vigorously create folk customs and homestay programs integrating "eating, living, traveling, entertainment, shopping, thinking and understanding", and promote the construction of "beautiful villages" and the revitalization of rural industries.

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