Party member education

Party member education

Strengthening the direct leadership, learning and education of maritime party members, and maintaining the unity and advancement of ideology and action are important topics that the company's party committee strives to explore. Every time the fishing boat returns, the company’s party committee must organize a life meeting for all party members, report the policies of the superior party committee, listen to the work report of the party branch, check study notes, meeting minutes, and exchange experience. Before sailing, fill out the learning materials such as audio-visual discs, party textbooks, party newspapers, party journals, and higher-level documents to the branch, and directly distribute them to each party member. After going to sea, they are required to learn and use, and each person makes a written report to the party group once a week. A written report is made to the branch every half month, and the branch makes a written report to the party committee of the company every month. After the voyage, the company’s party committee communicated important matters within the party, the country, and the company to the maritime branch in a timely manner through satellite phone, fax, email, and WeChat, and the branch communicated to each party member.

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