Party Building Overview

Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and the party building leads the management of the ocean

——Glimpse of the Party Building of Jinghai Group Co., Ltd.


Established in 1978, Jinghai Group employs 5,000 people and has fixed assets of 7 billion yuan. It has formed six industrial patterns: ocean fishing, fishing port trade, intensive processing, ship repair and construction, mariculture and coastal tourism. Successively won the national advanced grass-roots Party organization, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, national 5A and five-star cold chain logistics enterprise and other honorary titles. Relying on the first batch of national civilized fishing ports -- Shawo Island Central Fishing Port and other functional areas, this area has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as the second national pelagic fishery base.

The Party branch of the company was founded in 1965, the General Party branch was established in 1978, and the Party Committee was established in 1994. At present, it manages and serves more than 300 Party members.  Exploring new ways of Party building under the background of ocean fishery boldly, making the majority of fishermen Party members truly become "the Great Wall of the sea" and "the vanguard of the sea", vigorously promoting the sustainable and healthy development of all kinds of work. The Party building work experience of the company has been broadcast and reported by CCTV News Network, Focus Interview, provincial and municipal television stations and newspapers and other media. Our work will focus on the following aspects:

1. adhere to the implementation of the Party's 20 Spirit, so that all the Party's work is implemented at the grassroots level

Pelagic fishery is the leading pillar industry of the company, with 78 specialized pelagic vessels of various types, which are divided into squid fishing fleet, golden spear fishing fleet, trawling fleet, light Seine fleet and transport fleet for trans-continental, trans-national and trans-sea production, with long Marine operation cycle and high mobility. The company directly engaged in fishery production of more than 2000 workers, including more than 150 party members. From the production practice, the Party Committee of the company has explored the party organization setting mode of "the branch is built in the fleet, the group is located in the opposite ship, and the party members are assigned to the single ship", and all the maritime party members are included in the party organization management. At present, the Party Committee of the company has a total of 9 Party branches and 30 Party groups, including 3 ocean-going Party branches and 16 Party groups. Fishing port trade Party branch 1, the jurisdiction of the party group 2; Deep processing Party branch 1, the jurisdiction of the party group 2; Ship repair party branch 1, the jurisdiction of the party group 2; One mariculture Party branch and two party groups; In the rear, there are 2 Party branches and 6 Party groups, and the Party organization is becoming more and more perfect.

2. We will adhere to the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and strengthen the education of Party members in their ideals and beliefs

The Party Committee of the company shall strengthen the direct leadership and style construction of maritime Party members, and maintain the unity and advancement in thought and action. After the fishing boat returns to sea each TIME, the PARTY COMMITTEE of the company shall organize a meeting for all Party members to organize a life, report the principles and policies of the higher Party committee, listen to the work report of the Party branch, check the study notes, meeting minutes, exchange experiences and so on. Before staring to branch to enrich teaching discs, communist party class readings, the party newspaper, the superior relevant documents such as learning materials, direct ration every party member, required to sea after learning, makes a written report to the group every week, each group every half moon makes a written report to the branch, branch party committee makes a written report to the company on a monthly basis. After the voyage, the Party Committee of the company communicated some important matters within the party, in China and the company to the sea branch in time through satellite phone, fax, email, wechat and other forms, and the branch conveyed to the party group and every member, creating a political ecology and production situation of unity, endeavor, harmony and competition.

3. We must adhere to the original aspiration and mission of Communists and give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members

More than 90% of the Party members in the company's maritime operations serve as captains, which is not only the political vanguard but also the economic main force. At the beginning of each year, each branch will formulate the party members' annual objectives and responsibilities, including organizational construction, production tasks, Party conduct and discipline, and mass work. At the end of the year, democratic evaluation will be conducted in the Party members' conference on virtue, diligence, integrity and other aspects. If the Party members who are commended cannot attend the meeting due to sailing, their family members will attend and receive the honor. At the same time, a party member contact crew system was established, and each party member contacted more than 10 ordinary crew members in the way of pairing, and guided the crew in thought, cared about life and helped them in work, creating a strong atmosphere more than learning and helping others. In daily work, Party members take the lead in following the example, and strive to do dirty, tired and dangerous work. It is Party members who take the lead in going out to sea, who do not return home on several voyages, and who stand up when the life and property safety of the collective and staff is threatened.

As long as the branch in the sea, the ship does not get lost.  Firmly support the "two establishment", firmly uphold the "two maintenance", constantly enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", seize the provincial Party committee, provincial government, municipal Party committee and municipal government to speed up the transformation of old growth drivers and the strategic opportunity of "ocean strong province" and "ocean strong city", to achieve new breakthroughs in various work!

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