Ocean fishing

Ocean fishing

The company developed its oceangoing fishery in 1998. Now it has three oceangoing fishing companies qualified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, namely Rongcheng Rongyuan Fishery Co., LTD., Shandong Shawo Island Oceangoing Fishery Co., LTD., and Lamining-net Fishing Company. There are 78 professional oceangoing vessels of all kinds. The production types of vessels are squid fishing, tuna longline fishing, trawl, light purse Seine, ocean transportation, etc. The operating areas are all over the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The fishing scale, production, efficiency and other indicators are the first in the industry in Shandong Province.

Rongcheng Rongyuan Fishing Co., LTD. : Mainly engaged in the production of squid fishing in the southwest Atlantic Ocean and the Southeast Pacific Ocean, the Southwest Atlantic Ocean single trawl, ocean transportation and other high seas, fishing species are mainly squid, Antarctic ice fish, Atlantic cod, rays and so on.

Rongyuan Company has an office in Argentina and a cold chain base in Peru, mainly responsible for dock repair, replenishment, acquisition, storage and reprinting of vessels and other related businesses.

Shandong Shawo Island Ocean Fishing Co., LTD. : Mainly engaged in the production of tuna longline fishing in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The main fishing species are yellow fin, longfin, big eye, sword flag, bonito and so on.

Sha Wo Island Company has an office in Fiji, mainly responsible for ship agency and maintenance, fishing cargo repatriation and other related business.

Light purse Seine Fishing Company: mainly engaged in the North Pacific and North Indian Ocean high seas light purse Seine production operations, fishing species are mainly squid, hairtail, sardines, pomfret, eel, rice fish, etc.

Light Seine Fishing Company has established a deep-sea fishing base in Maroch Port in Indonesia and a cold chain base in Malaysia, mainly responsible for ship berthing, comprehensive service, cold chain logistics, trade and other related businesses.

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